Ring-a-Pole is an easy-to-play, outdoor, action, educational game for young children and families.

Challenge your friends and family to score more points than you by being funnier and smarter!
The game has poles, rings, action, question and score cards.

More action and question cards with different themes will be
downloadable from this website in the near future.

The idea of the game is for children and families to have exciting,
outdoor fun and for children to learn something at the same time.
The game can be played by anyone. Have portable fun by taking the
game with you on holiday - to the beach, the park, the campsite,
anywhere outdoors! Very young children will improve their hand-eye
coordination, cross the midline, develop their motor skills and more.

1. Stick the poles into the ground to form an inverted triangle, with the
     two-groove poles furthest away and the remaining poles completing
     the triangle.
2. Choose how far away you want to stand
3. Throw the rings over the poles to score points
4. Do the action or question to score extra points
5. The player with the highest score after 10 rounds wins!
6. Donít keep all the fun to yourself Ė mail us at kids@creativegamesafrica.com
Price : R150.00 (includes VAT, but excludes Postage, Packaging & Insurance)

What can you do with 4-Rings?
Have more F U N !!

1. Have more people play Pole-to-Pole with you
2. Get better at Ring-a-Pole
3. Throw the rings like a Frisbee!
4. Let your dog try to catch them!
5. Play Frisbee Polo in the pool
6. Juggle with them and impress your friends!
Special! Buy with Pole-to-Pole or Ring-a-Pole for only R175! (incl VAT, excl Postage & Packaging)