Pole-to-Pole is an easy-to-play, flexible, outdoor game for family and friends. You can follow the
set rules, or make your own – whichever way you do it, it’s fun!

The game consists of poles, rings, dice, and action and question cards.
More action and question cards with different themes will be
downloadable from this website in the near future.
1. Players design the game’s layout by rolling the dice and
deciding where to place the poles.
2. The poles are pushed into the ground – and you choose
where, so you can make it as easy or as difficult as you like!
3. Once the poles are laid out, each player gets a ring, rolls the
dice and the race to the finish begins.
4. On the way, you’ll face challenges: actions to make you blush,
questions to crack your head.
5. Anybody can join in – when Mom and Dad play along the fun really begins!
6. Don’t keep all the fun to yourself – tell us and all the other kids about it by
mailing us at kids@creativegamesafrica.com
WARNING Pole-to-Pole can:

•  get mum and dad acting like monkeys
•  make you quack like a chicken
•  get you two helpings of pudding one night someday
•  teach you things you didn’t know

It can be addictive. Dare to play as often as you can!

You can even invent your own game, just use Pole-to-Pole and get creative!
The purpose of the game is to enable families and groups of children to
have creative, outdoor fun and to provide children with an opportunity to
learn something about themselves and the world they live in. The game is
intended for 2-8 players of ages 5-12+. It is also suitable for children aged 3 to 4,
where an adult adapts the use of the game elements.

Pole-to-Pole has been evaluated by a leading child psychologist. Click on the link to
view an abridged version of the report.
Please contact us if you require more detail.
Price :   R395.00 (includes VAT, but excludes Postage, Packaging & Insurance)